Lahaina Banyan Tree

There are plenty of new adventures you can try when visiting Maui. Zipline tours, whale watches, bike rides down the volcano, award winning spas, and tasty restaurants are just a few of the examples. All these outings can start to add up when it comes to you vacation budget. We have assembled a list of five free activities in Lahaina that you can put on you should consider putting on your vacation itinerary.

Visit the Banyan Tree: In 1873 a banyan tree was planted in Lahaina and over the decades it just kept growing and growing. It is now recognized as one of the largest banyan trees in the world, taking up over half an acre of land! For those unfamiliar with what a banyan tree is, think of a scene out of Tarzan. The tree has hundreds of spindly vines hanging down from the canopy that eventually hit the ground and start forming additional tree trunks. On days when a cruise ship is in town, there are usually craft fairs held under the banyan tree.

Watch the surfers at Breakwall: To the left of the Lahaina Harbor is a surf break known as breakwall. Many beginning surf schools are held at this beach because of the shallow waters and consistent waves. Walk out on the man-made rock breakwall that shields the harbor and watch the beginner surfers trying to catch waves. Or, watch the more experienced locals catching waves further out in the ocean. It is rare that you

Tour the art galleries: You might not realize that Lahaina’s famous window shopping street “Front Street”, is home to dozens of art galleries featuring some of the top photographers, sculptures, and artists of our generation. Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, it is still fun to see some of the amazing and creative works of art on display. On Friday nights, many of the galleries host wine and hors d’oeuvres to attract patrons into their gallery.

Snorkel at Old Airport Beach: A snorkeling cruise out to the crescent moon shaped island of Molokini is a top recommendation, but that doesn’t mean that other snorkeling spots closer to shore aren’t worth your time. Put on your mask and fins and swim about 15 yards off shore of Kahekili Beach (Old Airport Beach) and you will be shocked at the colorful coral formations and variety of marine species you come across.

Visit Historic Landmarks: Lahaina used to be the capital of the Hawaiian Islands before it was eventually moved to Honolulu on Oahu. Because of the rich history of this ancient whaling town there are plenty of monuments worth visiting. The historic prison, located on Prison Street (of course), used to house rowdy sailors. Stop by the prison to learn more about its interesting history. The Lahaina Court House Museum is located right by the Lahaina Harbor and Banyan Tree. Stop by to see pictures of what Lahaina used to look like, view a historic flag, and browse educational displays that tell of a rich history. Below the museum is an ancient jailhouse that has been converted to an art gallery. The jail cells are still there and pretty cool!

[Image Source: Melikamp]


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