Maui Fair

If Barnum & Bailey is “the greatest show on Earth”, then it could be argued that the Maui Fair is the greatest show on Maui. Locals flock to the fair in the tens of thousands each of the four days it is open. This year, the Maui Fair celebrates its 93rd year running, and we highly recommend that all our guests stop by this event for a chance to experience a Maui tradition almost a century old.

We have assembled a list of our top five reasons the Maui Fair should not be missed.

Food – If you polled the population of Maui on why they enjoy going to the fair each year, the number one answer would have to be the food. Choose from dozens of food booths all run by local clubs, teams, and organizations. Sample foods from all over the world, but the longest lines are usually found at the chow fun booth, warm malasadas booth, and flying saucer booth (you’ll just have to see what it is when you get there). We recommend trying something you have never had before!

Rides/Games – The children in the family will love the rides and carnival games. For visitors, the rides may seem a little juvenile compared to the roller coasters found at top amusement parks, but that doesn’t mean they are any less fun. The Zipper and Ring of Fire have been some of the top rides year over year. If you want to take home that large stuffed animal, test your luck at countless carnival games. Sometimes it’s just as fun to watch others compete for those prizes as you keep your money in your pocket.

Entertainment – The state’s best entertainers consider it a privilege to play at the Maui Fair. Musicians fly in from neighboring islands to put on a show that they would normally charge $20 – $50 a ticket for on any other night of the year. The performers love playing at the fair because the crowd is made of up locals who know every song and every lyric and sing along. Usually the last act of the night is a hypnotist, which always packs the house. You will not want to miss the hilarious acts he convinces participants to perform. Be sure to check the entertainment schedule so you do not miss any of the top performers.

Art – Head to the War Memorial Gymnasium at the fairgrounds to examine artwork made by talented youths on Maui. Elementary school, middle school, and high school students all submit work in different categories like photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, and more for a chance to win the blue ribbon. It is fun to look through all the different contributions and see who won the top prize. In this same section of the fair, you can also see award winning flowers, plants, and crops.

Livestock – Walk through rows and rows of chickens, rabbits, pigs, and even long horn cattle. All these animals are also judged on different merits, so be sure to keep an eye out for ribbons awarded to the various animals. The children are sure to love this section of the fair.

[Photo credit: Collingwood]


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