Maui Kamaole condoWhen most people start planning a vacation, they immediately start searching for hotels in the region they are looking to stay. We at Condominium Rentals Hawaii encourage you to consider staying in a vacation rental or condo on your next trip. Below we have highlighted our top five reasons a vacation rental is the way to go, especially if you are visiting Hawaii.

Price: Most vacation rentals in Hawaii are significantly cheaper than a hotel room. Our average price for a one bedroom vacation rental in Kihei in July is around $165 per night. A quick search on for July in Kihei shows hotel rooms ranging from $200 – $300/night (of an equal star rating).

Upgrading your condo from a garden view condo to an ocean view condo is also relatively inexpensive. For $15 to $30 more per night, you could enjoy a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean. To upgrade your room at a hotel from a standard offering to an ocean view is often much pricier.

Most people on vacation choose to spend as much time outside of their room seeing the sites, participating in tours, trying new restaurants, or relaxing on the beach. Take the extra savings from booking a condo and spend it on these experiences to make your vacation that much more memorable.

Location: Most condo properties on Maui are located in fantastic locations, just as hotels are. Each one of the condominium properties we manage is on the ocean or across the street from the ocean. Our condo properties are mostly all located in the heart of major towns like Kihei, Maalaea, and Lahaina, which make it easy to walk to restaurants, shopping, groceries, and more from your condo.

Size: A hotel room is essentially a bedroom with an on suite bathroom. Square footage is probably around 350 to 400 square feet. A condo is much more spacious. Our Maui Kamaole one bedroom condos for example are over 1000 square feet, have two bathrooms, full kitchen, private lanai, and private bedroom. If you are traveling with a family of four, a hotel room with two beds can become pretty small after day two or three!

Meals: Because a condo is equipped with a full kitchen, you can have the freedom to prepare a meal or two in while on vacation. Rather than spending time and money heading out for breakfast, you can simply wake up and eat right in your condo. Or, pick up some locally marinated meat or fresh fish from the deli and take advantage of the barbecue facilities at each of our properties to prepare a home-cooked meal you will never forget (island style).

Extras: Most condos are equipped with items that hotel rooms will just never have. Some owners have a collection of DVD’s you can put in at night, great books to take with you to the pool, beach toys (chairs, buckets, boogie boards) that your children will enjoy, or even snorkel gear that can be borrowed for free. Most condos also have washer/dryers built in, which makes staying an extended amount of time that much more comfortable.


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