Maui Road to explore

Road trips can be quite memorable experiences, especially when that road is on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!  We have assembled a list of five roads you may be interested in exploring while vacationing on Maui.

Road to Hana (East Maui) – The two most recommended experiences on Maui are a trip to Hana and a trip to the top of the volcano to see the sunrise or sunset.  It’s no surprise these two road trips made our list.  A trip out to Hana will take you a full day, but is well worth it.  Explore waterfalls, rain pools, lush vegetation, and secluded beaches.  Read our full blog post about the Road to Hana, which helps explain why it is such a magical experience.

Road to Kahakaloa (West Maui) – Not many visitors realize that there is a much more intimidating road on the island of Maui then the famous road to Hana. You will see shirts in souvenir shops with the slogan “I survived the Road to Hana”, but no shirts that say “I survived the Road to Kahakaloa”.  I personally believe they don’t have these shirts for the main reason of not drawing attention to this white knuckle driving experience.  There are areas of the road to Kahakaloa that are genuinely one lane with no shoulder for pullovers.  Steep cliffs and the lack of guard rails will add to your memorable driving experience.  The views and setting are spectacular, but your eyes may be so focused on the road that you miss everything.

Road to Haleakala – How can you come to Maui and not drive to the top of a volcano? The meandering paved road climbs to an elevation of 10,000 feet above sea level! You can bet the views from the top are something else.  It will probably take you about two hours to get to the top of the volcano if you are traveling from Kihei/Wailea, but is a perfect way to start or end your day of adventure.  Be sure to dress warmly because the temperatures can get quite cold when you are over a mile above sea level.   Read more tips about the road to Haleakala here.

Road to La Perouse – If you are vacationing on Maui’s southside (Kihei or Wailea) then this is a must-do. Head south on Makena Road and keep going past Big Beach.  The scenery changes drastically to an environment found nowhere else on Maui.  Sharp black lava rock extends as far as the eye can see (with no trees/shrubs in site.  You almost get the feeling you are on the moon or Mars or some other extraterrestrial planet. This road is wide enough to accommodate about 1.5 lanes, so drive safely as you pull over at various spots to take pictures.  The road finally ends at La Perouse Bay where you can park in a grave parking lot and take off on a coastal hike.

Front Street in Lahaina – This is the only street on our list that should actually be explored on foot.  The town of Lahaina is an old whaling port and when you walk along Front Street past the store fronts and restaurants you can imagine what times used to be like.   We recommend making a dinner reservation on Front Street and then cruising along the street after dinner.  Poke your head into one of the countless art galleries, shop for that unique gift to take home, or find that awesome beach shirt from the local surf shops.  If you head to Front Street on a Friday night, many of the art galleries offer free wine tasting and light appetizers.

[Image Source: Chris LaCroix]


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