Experience the beauty of the ocean in all its glory

The Hawaiian Islands aren’t just a place to hang out in a condo all day. Get out and experience the incredible waters! Snorkeling is a great way to relax and explore the majesty of the Hawaiian waters.

Rent a Snorkel Set: There are countless snorkel rental stores in Kihei, but the most popular snorkel rental store is Maui Sights & Treasures. You should be able to score a day’s rental of fins, mask, and snorkel for $7 a day or $20 a week and they are the cheapest snorkel store on the Island. For more information, contact Maui Sights & Treasures at 1-808-442-7527. You can also book your activity online at www.mauivalue.com/CRHMaui.

Ask the rental shop for some good recommendations on places to snorkel.  Ulua Beach in Wailea is always a great default if you don’t want to drive too far around the island.  Ulua Beach has been the home for Scuba certification classes for years.

You can also check out our list of Top Maui snorkeling spots here.


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