acai bowl maui

Acai bowls have been a trendy meal option in the last couple of years.  Because Maui has so many amazing tropical fruits to sample, you can bet our acai bowl recipes are pretty unique and tasty!  Take a look at some of our best recommendations for picking up an acai bowl on the island of Maui.

Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade – Located in Azeka Mall (Mauka) in Kihei, this is one of our top recommendations for a number of reasons.  First off, they serve amazing “local style” lemonades that are very refreshing after a day in the Hawaiian sun.  The watermelon lemonade is pretty tasty!  If you want something a bit more filling, then take a gander at the acai bowl menu which includes options like a haupia bowl (coconut on the bottom and macaroons on top),  a dragon fruit bowl (that is a fluorescent pink color), and so many more!

Farmacy Health Bar Wailuku – Found in the charming town of Wailuku on the popular Market Street, you may want to pair a stop here with a visit to Iao Valley or the Hawaii Tropical Plantation, since both are less than 10 minutes away.  Choose from bowls that include ingredients such as kiwi, pineapple, strawberry, and toasted macadamia nuts to name a few.

Choice Health Bar – This vegetarian health bar is located in Lahaina right off the main Honoapiilani Highway (near Taco Bell). The local organic ingredients used at this establishment have helped it rack up awards and accolades year after year for best vegetarian/healthy food option on the island. Take a look at their acai bowl menu and select from options like “POWabunga”, “Dessert Sunrise”, and “Green Buzz”.  We will let you find out what unusual and tasty ingredients are used!

Paia Bowls – Owned and operated by a local Maui surf family, this acai bowl place is unique in that patrons are allowed to pick their own ingredients. Choose from 22 ingredients and make a bowl that meets your craving for that day!

Food Trucks – There are a few food trucks on Maui that specialize in acai bowls. Brekkie Bowls is usually found in the Kihei area and Baya Bowls frequents the Lahaina side of the island.  Take a look to see where they might be while you are vacationing on Maui.


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