Maui Sandwich Places


A popular option for lunch on Maui is a plate lunch (comes in take-out container) or a sandwich, primarily because it is easily transportable to the beach!  Why sit and eat your meal at a table indoors, when you could enjoy amazing views of the ocean while you eat?  We have assembled a list of great places to get a sandwich in the beach town of Kihei on Maui.

808 Deli: Ask any local what their favorite sandwich place is and the most common response will be 808 Deili.  Located behind Moose McGillycuddy’s, it is easy to drive right by this eatery, but that would be a major mistake!  Lines are usually out the door, as patrons decide what sandwich, salad, Panini, or gourmet hot dog they want to try.  Sandwiches are made with the finest ingredients and are a great option for picking up so you can eat right on the beach

Maui Sandwich Shack: Located at the same counter as Ono Gelato, the Maui Sandwich Shack is starting to become the go-to option for unique and tasty sandwich options on the south shore. Upon entering the “shack” you will be given a large laminated menu that includes sandwiches like the cowabunga reuben, kamikaze, clucked, in and out, hag ten, BLAT, and so much more.  They also have daily specials they are constantly experimenting with. Our recent favorite (pictured above) was a chicken waffle with bacon sandwich.  We gave it 10 out of 10!

Chez Meme: It has a French name, so it must be good! Chez Meme creates works of art out of ingredients found at a five-star restaurant.  Just listen to some of these combinations… poached pear with roasted walnuts and 3 brio crostinis, smoked salmon with capers, red onions, cucumber, and lemon herb cream cheese, and lastly shrimp, tomato, avocado and traditional Royale Sauce.   You can even order your meal just like the French do back home, and have it made on a fresh baguette!

Dina’s SandWitch: It would be very hard to stumble upon this bar/deli unless you either knew about it, or were staying at the Sugar Beach Resort in north Kihei. A visit to this small hangout will surely not be forgotten!  From the countless dollar bills on the ceiling to the inviting atmosphere (the macadamia nut pina colada is also pretty famous), you will surely have a story after leaving this eatery (read some of the reviews on Yelp or TripAdvisor).  The menu includes all sorts of sandwitch options such as roast beef, club, grilled cheese, and sorcerer’s special.

Shaka Sandwich & Pizza:  More famous for their New York style pizzas, Shakas also has a great menu of hot and cold sandwiches to order from. Favorites include a cheese steak, pizza steak, and cheese steak supreme! At times they even have a meatball sandwich that will certainly satisfy your taste buds.  Pick up a hoagie at this stop conveniently located on South Kihei Road before heading to the beach for the day!


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