If you are vacationing on the south side of Maui (towns of Kihei, Wailea, and Makena) and looking to stay in shape while enjoying the island paradise, there are a number of gyms you can choose from! Gyms are always changing their fees and plans, so we can’t guarantee all of these options have short options available for visiting tourists, but most should. This list will at least give you a great starting point for finding to perfect fit.

Gyms in Kihei - Map

The Gym Maui – This gym is one of the biggest on this side of the island.  There is a full sized boxing ring inside as well as a vast selection of workout machines. It is located in north Kihei in an industrial area.

Powerhouse Gym – This is the other predominant gym on the south side of Maui.  There are many daily classes to choose to join in on such as yoga, spin, boot camp, and more!  This gym is located centrally in Kihei in Azeka Mall right on the popular South Kihei Rd.

Valley Isle Fitness – A smaller gym, but still possesses all the equipment you would need to get a great work out.  Classes are fairly limited, but you may be able to score a good rate on a visitor pass!

South Maui Fitness – The smallest gym on our list, but also very unique in the way it is set up.  Customers are given a key card and can come to the gym 24/7 at any time they want.  This might be what you’re looking for if your schedule is somewhat out of the norm.

One final curve ball idea – The Mana Kai Maui is a beautiful oceanfront condo resort located on the boarder of Kihei and Wailea.  The room views are stunning and the beach out front (Keawakapu Beach) is one of the top on the island.  The property actually just opened a brand new gym facility on the whole ground floor of the property in 2016.  All the equipment is state-of-the-art and quite impressive for a hotel gym. You may want to see if just staying at the Mana Kai (and getting free access to the on-site gym) might be a smart (and economic) decision for you.   ***Note that this gym is a private gym available only to guests of the property***


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