When I stand in the checkout lines at Safeway here in Kihei, I sometimes will hear tourists talking about how high the prices are on groceries here in Hawaii compared to back home.  I thought I would put this list together of a price comparison between some common things here on Maui compared to popular west coast North American cities!


Gas Price for Gallon:

Maui:                                   $3.89

San Francisco:                    $3.49

Seattle:                                $3.28

Vancouver:                          $4.40


Carton of 12 Eggs:

Maui:                                    $5.86

San Francisco:                    $5.35

Seattle:                                $3.61

Vancouver:                          $3.89


Two Pounds of Apples:

Maui:                                    $5.00

San Francisco:                     $4.81

Seattle:                                $3.79

Vancouver:                           $2.93


One Loaf of Bread:

Maui:                                    $4.57

San Francisco:                     $3.49

Seattle:                                $2.29

Vancouver:                          $2.08


Basic Lunch Menu Item Including Drink:

Maui:                                    $17

San Francisco:                     $16

Seattle:                                $16

Vancouver:                          $14


Depending on where you call home, the Maui prices could be slightly higher or quite significantly higher.  Keep in mind that these prices are higher because most all grocery items sold on Maui must be shipped here over the Pacific Ocean, which costs money.  While some grocery items do cost more in Hawaii, it is important for visitors to note that they can save in other areas when visiting.  For example, Maui has very few places (other than hotels) that charge for parking. Maui also does not have any toll roads or bridges. All beaches are also public and do not charge any sort of entrance fee.


Other good news is that we have noticed that airfare pricing to Hawaii also seems to be getting very competitive in the last year.  Hawaiian Airlines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Air Canada, and West Jest, all fly direct routes into Maui from the West Coast.  Southwest will also be flying to Maui as early as the end of 2018.  All this competition is driving down the round trip prices to Maui!


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