Wailuku Mural painted on the back to the Texaco gas station

About 20 artists from around the world converged on the small local town of Wailuku on Maui to paint beautiful murals on building walls across town.  The artists spent about a week in late January (2019) to create the murals, so the ink is practically still drying!  We have put together an easy-to-use map of where you can find these murals when exploring Wailuku! Also learn about the artists that painted each one!

All of the artists donated their time and artistic abilities to create these murals.  The murals focus on a theme of “Mauka to Makai” which translates to “Mountains to the Sea”.  About 7 of the artists grew up on Maui or have Mau ties, which is pretty cool!

Explore the town of Wailuku and look for these beautiful murals.  Some are located in quite unusual places, like the back of a gas station or on the side of an apartment building.  There are even five or six murals on the walls of Baldwin high school, but tourists should probably avoid looking for those murals, as they would be wondering around a public high school (and we don’t really know what laws/rules are in place surrounding that!). We have left information about those murals off our below list.

When you are looking at each mural, often times there will be a little circular logo that indicates it is a mural that was part of this Wailuku rejuvenation project. Look for the seal!

Take a look at our interactive map below on where you can find some of these murals (if you click on the pin it will even show the picture of the mural that is located there).


Mural 1: Texaco Gas Station  (Whale on orange)

Artists featured:  The Dulk

About Artist: Antonio Segura Donat (“the Dulk”) is an all-purpose artist from Spain that mostly focuses work on animals, nature, wildlife.  He has participated in artistic showings in Vancouver, New York, Miami, Brussels, Paris, and Chicago.

Artist Website: https://www.dulk.es/

Aritist instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dulk1


Mural 2: Texaco Gas Station (Gord on Hawaiian zig zags)

Artist featured: Kamehanaokala

About artist: Kamehanaokala is a local artist from Hawaii that has painted many murals for communities across the state.

Artist website: https://lanalanestudios.com/works/cory-taum/

Artist instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kamehana_o_kala


Mural 3: Texaco Gas Station (Collage of colors)

Artist Featured: Greg Kaplan

About artist: We couldn’t find too much for this artist. It looks like they are a local Hawaii artist that has a clothing company with his brother

Artist website: https://platelunch.com/about/

Artist instagram: https://www.instagram.com/greggkaplan


Mural 4: MAPA Building (Fish basket with hawk on blue) – *multiple artists*

**Artist featured: Amanda Bowers

About artist: Amanda Bowers is a local Maui artist that went off to college at Wake Forest University on a prestigious art scholarship and majored in studio art and art history.  She now is a free lance artist that has a brand Skelefin Studios

Artist website: https://www.skelefinstudios.com/about

Artist instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amandajoybowers


**Artist featured: Noble Richardson

About artist: Noble Richardson grew up on Maui and went to college in California and Nevada, graduating with a degree in Fine Art.  He moved back to Maui and has painted numerous murals that have a true sense of Hawaii infused. 

Artist website: https://nobleisms.com/

Artist instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nobleisms


**Artist featured: Kirk Kurokawa

About artist: Kirk was born and raised on Maui.  His Hawaiian, Japanese, and Chinese descent combine to help influence his artist style. He has numerous critically acclaimed exhibitions in Hawaii and California. 

Artist website: https://kirkkurokawa.com/

Artist instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kirkiek


**Artist featured: Elmer Bio Jr.

About artist: Local artists that graduated from Baldwin High School on Maui specializing in airbrush murals.

Artist website: N/A

Artist instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theshopmaui

Mural 5: Kamaaina Loan Cash For Gold (Pink and blue Sea goddess)

Artist featured: Lauren Brevner

About artist: Lauren is a Vancouver artist that is self-taught. After working under a designer in Japan for a year, she began to dial in and perfect her skills. She studied and learned other mixed-media art techniques and has grown to be very popular on social media.

Artist website: https://www.laurenbrevner.com/home-2

Artist instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurenbrevner


Mural 6: Maui Land Brokers (Kid swimming with turtle)

Artist featured: Kai’ili Kaulukukui

About artist: Kai was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii and attended the University of Hawaii and Art Institute of Chicago for deep training and study in classical oil painting. He has painted many murals across the world and Hawaii mostly focused on sharks and underwater worlds.  Many times his work features a look where paint is dripping down artistically

Artist website: https://www.kaiilikaulukukui.com/

Artist instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artworkofkai


Mural 7: 1975 Vineyard Street (Colorful coral) – *multiple artists*

**Artist featured: Alexandra Underwood

About artist: Alexandra was born and raised on Maui and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from California College of Arts.

Artist website: https://www.alexandraunderwoodart.com/   

Artist instagram: https://www.instagram.com/underwoodalexandra

**Artist Featured:  Joey Rose

About artist: Joey is mostly a muralist.  He grew up in a small California town and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in illustration from California College of the Arts. 

Artist website: https://www.joeyrosestudio.com

Artist instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joeyrosestudio/


Mural 8: Jace & Kim Collision (Treehouse with skate ramp)

Artist featured: Matthew and Roxanne Ortiz

About artist: Matthew and Roxanne Ortiz are a married couple that mostly paint unique “hand-drawn looking” pieces that usually highlight a fun spin on a tree house. Both artists were born and raised in Hawaii. They have painted murals in multiple U.S. states and have collaborate with fashion brands and logos.

Artist website: https://www.woodenwaveart.com
Artist instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wooden_wave


Mural 9: 1774 Lower Main St. (Hawaiian woman on light blue)

Artist featured: Poihakena Ngawati

About artist: We weren’t able to find too much information on this artist. It looks like they are living in New Zealand and focus on graffiti art and murals.  They are also passionate about historical voyaging techniques.

Artist website: N/A

Artist instagram: https://www.instagram.com/techs_x/


Mural 10: Fiesta Time (Constellations, compass, and bird on blue)

Artist featured: Mary Iverson

About artist: Mary Iverson is a seasoned artist with works featured in numerous national magazines. She also works with art galleries in major cities across the world.  She lives in Seattle, Washington and teaches visual art at a local college when she is not exhibiting work or painting murals.

Artist website:  https://maryiverson.com

Artist instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themaryiverson



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