Surfing on Maui

For the adventure junkies that visit Maui and have their heart set on learning to surf, we have assembled a list of three great beginner beaches.

If you have never surfed before there are some tips you should know before paddling out:

  • Plan to go with someone that knows what they are doing. Whether with a professional instructor or a friend that has surfing experience, it is important to go out with someone that has some experience in the water.  There are certain unwritten rules in surfing, as well as ways to read currents, tides, surf breaks that will make surfing safer for everyone in the water.
  • Only go out in the water if you see others surfers out there as well. If you don’t see anyone out surfing, they probably know more than you do, and there is a reason they aren’t out.
  • Plan to wear some surf booties (shoes). Many beginner spots tend to be pretty shallow, so falling off the board and landing on the corral will leave less marks (on you and the corral) if you have some protective gear on.
  • Plan to head to the beach in the morning. Winds tend to pick up in the afternoon and can make catching a wave a lot more challenging.
  • Bring surfboard wax. If you try to stand up on a slippery glossy board it is going to be that much more challenging then standing on a sticky rough surface.

Now that you have some beginner tips, here are our top three recommendations for beginner surfing beaches on Maui:

Cove Park (Kihei) – Located between Kalama Park and Kamaole Beach Park I (in Kihei), it is not uncommon to see surf lessons being taught here every morning of the week.  You can book lessons right across the street and head over with other students who have the same passion for hanging 10 as you do.  After you are done for the morning, walk to Kihei Caffe for an amazing breakfast that will surely replace the energy you just exhausted in the water.

Breakwall (Lahaina) – Located to the left of Lahaina Harbor, this spot is your best bet for learning on the west side of the island. Just like Cove Park, there are usually a few classes scheduled each morning at Breakwall.  There are various surf schools located along Front Street that will walk you over to the beach to start their lesson.  Family members not surfing can get great views of the students in the water from the rock wave break wall.  Beginners will stay closer to shore; while more experienced surfers will catch breaks further offshore. You can even check out the surf report for Breakwall here!

Launiupoko (Lahaina) – There aren’t too many surf schools held at this beach, but if you have a friend that knows what they are doing, this may be a top pick. Most locals that surf here realize it is a beginner/family beach and expect a certain inexperienced skill level in the water. Just like Breakwall, beginners tend to stay closer to shore and the more advanced surfers will catch larger waves further out.

Be safe and have fun in the water!


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