Aloha! We hope you’re having a good day wherever you are. For this video, we wanted to share some safety tips, from snorkeling to hiking, to keep you safe for when you’re staying here at Maui, Hawaii.

  1. Safety tip number one is to hide your valuables when you’re going out. There is a chance that someone could break into your car or condo while you’re out if they see something worth stealing. So make sure to hide them in a place where no one can see them.
  2. Safety tip number two is about snorkeling. The number one rule when going snorkeling, or even out swimming, is to always go with another person. It’s also important to go snorkeling where the waves are calm and safe to swim in. We also recommend you to do research on which snorkeling gear is the safest to use. Check out this recent article from the Maui News talking about a controversial snorkeling gear.
  3. Safety tip number three is all about the beach. The most dangerous part of the beach is where the waves break and get sucked back into the ocean. Just read this article about how many spinal cord injuries have occurred at Makena Beach. You don’t want to get stuck in that part of the ocean because a lot of danger can come from that part. So make sure you’re careful when crossing that part of the ocean. Also, make sure you go to a beach where there are lifeguards on duty. Check out this Maui County website for beaches that have lifeguards on duty.
  4. Safety tip number four is revolved around hiking. There are lots of beautiful hikes around Maui but they can also be really dangerous if you’re not taking the right safety precautions. Make sure to check the weather before, make sure you’re hiking when the trails haven’t been rained on, make sure you always pay attention to the signs around the hike, and make sure to always stay on the path and not stray off. The Haleakala National Park has many great hikes that are maintained by rangers. Be sure to check out their site for any trail updates or closures.
  5. Safety tip number five is to make sure to put on lots and lots of sunscreen! Maui can become very hot when the sun is out, and nothing is worse than getting a really bad sunburn. All that can be avoided if you put on sunscreen.


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