Aloha! We have created this list of the top 5 travel hacks & tips for when you’re planning a trip to Maui, Hawaii! Learn the best options for shuttle services from Kahului Airport, to cheap grocery options while vacationing on Maui! View our video below or read up to learn about these hacks.

  1. Our first Maui travel hack we have is to either rent a car or to book a Roberts Hawaii Shuttle Van. Renting your own car gives you the freedom to explore around the island and see the many settings that Maui has to offer, but if you’re not renting a car then the cheapest way to get to where you’re staying is Roberts Hawaii. They offer shuttle services as low as $10 to $20 round trip. You can book your shuttle either at the Kahului Airport or on their website.
  2. Our second Maui travel hack we have is to get your hands on the This Week Maui Brochure and the Maui Time Newspaper. This Week Maui Brochure offers the island map and all kinds of discounts and coupons on dinners, zip lines, luaus, and many other services and Maui Time Newspaper talks about what goes on at restaurants, bars, and events. So get your hands on those items to be in the know.
  3. Our third Maui travel hack we have is right when you land in Maui, your first stop from the airport is to go straight to Costco where they have great deals on bulk foods and other grocery items. The best part is that they’re only six minutes away from the Kahului Airport! Pretty convenient.
  4. Our fourth Maui travel hack we have is when you’re planning your trip to Maui, do your research on where you’re thinking of staying at. Hotel rooms might be cheap, but now we’re seeing more and more that they’re adding rental fees and those fees can add up. It’ll definitely save you money to do your research.
  5. Our fifth Maui travel hack we have is when you’re shopping for food and snacks, if you’re ever in the mood for alcohol then go ahead and buy yourself the small alcohol bottles instead of the big ones. That way you’ll avoid wasting money and alcohol. The ABC Store is a great place to pick up some small bottle of alcohol and also some Hawaiian souvenirs.



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