Maui radio

One of the first things you are going to do when you land on Maui is probably pick up your rental car (ideally a convertible). Once you have all your suitcases loaded in the trunk and the seat belts fastened, it’s time to relax! What better way to start relaxing then to find your favorite kind of music on the radio?  Below is a list of some of the more popular stations.  Enjoy!

97.3 – Rock

106.5 – Country

93.5 – Hawaiian Music, Maui style

94.3 – Pop/New Hits

92.5 – Island hits

900 (AM) – ESPN Radio

If I had to recommend one station on this list, it is KPOA – 93.5.  This channel is really the sound of Maui.  The DJ’s on this channel all speak pidgin and are some of the most well-known/recognized voices on air.  Our front desk at our management office is always tuned in to KPOA so we can insure guests are greeted with the sounds of aloha when they are checking in.  The station plays great Hawaiian music along with local favorites, and the latest songs from our up-and-coming Hawaiian artists.  You will also be kept up to date on local events, news, and even advised if any dogs go missing! Many tourists to Hawaii enjoy listening to KPOA so much while on vacation that they will continue listening to the channel online once they return home and call in to make requests.


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